Do I Need Root Canal Treatment?

You can schedule root canal treatment today at our general dentistry in Brooklyn, NY. If you suffer from dental pain or gum disease, consider root canal planning as part of your annual cleaning. We offer various root canal treatments and therapies to improve oral health and hygiene. Let the dentists at Sconzo & Sciascia General, Cosmetic, and Family Dentistry provide you with deep dental cleaning services.

Understanding Root Canals

Dental patients who struggle with bacteria or inflammation of the gum tissue or roots of the teeth should consider root canal treatment. A root canal is a method of deeper-than-usual cleaning and removing bacteria and debris from the teeth and gums. The treatment generally requires localized anesthesia and innovative, gentler techniques like WaterPik may be used. As an advanced form of cleaning, your dentist in Brooklyn, NY, will have to provide root canal treatment.

Who Needs Root Planing Services

Patients who have certain dental conditions, such as gum disease called gingivitis or periodontal disease, may need root canal treatment orroot planing in Brooklyn, NY. In addition, dental patients who suffer from oral hygiene issues, including bad breath, can benefit from this type of deep cleaning. Dental patients with infectious diseases in the mouth caused by decay and leading to extraction may also require root planing treatments.

Schedule a Root Canal in Brooklyn, NY Today

To request a root canal at Sconzo & Sciascia General, Cosmetic, and Family Dentistry, call our dentist in Brooklyn, NY, at 718-339-0252. We provide dental services for new patients and have a full family dentistry clinic.

Choose from root canal treatments and dental cleanings to full implants and crowns. Visit our office now to learn more about how root canal treatment can benefit you or a family member.

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